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Nanodiamond Enhanced 3D Printing Filament!

Carbodeon have teamed up with 3D Printing Specialist Tiamet3D to introduce nanodiamond enhanced polymers to the 3D printing market.   

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Carbodeon uDiamond®

4-6nm detonation synthesised diamond with surface functional chemistry

Liquid dispersions, suspensions or powders unlock the potential of the parent material. Huge advances in material properties.

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First in Thermal Management

Carbodeon uDiamond® is breaking new ground in polymer thermal conductivity

In thermoplastic- boron nitride compounds, increases of >100% without compromising mechanical properties.

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Metal Finishing with uDiamond® 

Plating and Anodising additives to improve wear, friction and corrosion properties.

Co-deposition of diamond particles into electrolytic and electroless processes - chromium, nickel, gold, anodising etc

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Metal Finishing

  METAL PLATING & ANODISING uDiamond® nano particles with surface chemis ...

Industries Served

  INDUSTRIES SERVED Nanodiamond materials improve performance, solve problem ...

Paints & Coatings

  PAINTS & COATINGS uDiamond® dispersions can be added to your coating m ...


  NANODIAMOND APPLICATIONS Nanodiamond materials enhance the properties of a ...

CVD Seeding

  CVD Seeding A growing application for nanodiamonds.  Carbodeon uDiamond® l ...


  POLYMERS Carbodeon materials create the opportunity to modify a multitude ...


  LUBRICANTS There is a long tradition of applying nanodiamonds into mineral ...


  MARINE Carbodeon's uDiamond® has a host of proven applications such as pla ...

High Strength / Harsh Environment Thermoplastics



  INDUSTRIAL Carbodeon's uDiamond® has a host of proven applications such as ...

Wear Resistant, Low Friction Coatings

  WEAR RESISTANT, LOW FRICTION COATINGS uDiamond® dispersions can be added t ...

Aerospace & Defence

  AEROSPACE & DEFENCE Carbodeon's uDiamond® has a host of proven applica ...

Silicones & Epoxides

  SILICONES & EPOXIDES Addition of nanodiamond to silicone and epoxide m ...


  AUTOMOTIVE Carbodeon uDiamond materials are applied as additives to metal ...

Metal Plating & Anodising

  METAL PLATING & ANODISING uDiamond® nano particles with surface chemis ...

Electronics & Led Lighting

  ELECTRONICS & LED LIGHTING High powered electronics devices and LED li ...

Thermally Conductive Thermoplastics

  THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE THERMOPLASTICS  uDiamond® filler material enables the ...




Carbodeon's uDiamond® has a host of proven applications such as plating and anodising in metal finishing to improve the durability and performance of machinery.  

Numerous opportunities also exist in use of uDiamond® to improve wear resistant and low friction coatings.

Component lifetime improvements are in many cases measured in years.


  • Chromium, Nickel and gold plating with improved durability
  • Tri-valent chromium as a potential replacement for hexavalent chromium
  • Hard and soft anodising with improved durability and lowered friction properties
  • Wear resistant, low friction coatings
  • Coatings with tuenable optical and hydrophobic properties
  • Coatings and materials with improved thermal properties
  • Nanodiamond composite resins for abrasion resistant, impact resistant composites
  • Thermally conductive interface materials and thermally conductive polymers for electronics and lighting
  • Thermoplastics with improved mechanical properties
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