CVD Seeding


A growing application for nanodiamonds.  Carbodeon uDiamond® liquid dispersions is applied to the substrate as a thin layer, for example by spin coating, and then the water or solven is evaporated.  The aim is to achieve a very fine coating of nanodiamond particles on the substrate surface, ideally only a single particle in depth (4-6nm).  These nanodiamonds will seed the growth of thin films including diamond thin films.

Ideal uDiamond® materials include:

uDiamond® Hydrogen D (2nd Gen)  (Hydrogen functionalised, strongly zeta positive, aqueous & solvents, main material used for CVD seeding and far superior to the earlier "Andante" material commonly referred to as "Osawa Water")

uDiamond® Vox D (2nd Gen)  (Carboxyl functionalised, strongly zeta negative, aqueous & solvents, for substrates requiring a zeta negative material)

uDiamond® Adagio(1st Gen)  (Ethylene Glycol)

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