There is a long tradition of applying nanodiamonds into mineral or synthetic based oils, greases and other lubricants to improve the performance:

  • Durability of components is improved
  • Friction is reduced
  • Load bearing capacity is increased
  • Temperatures are decreased

Carbodeon does not currently supply any nanodiamond containing lubricants, but our nanodiamond materials are used by third parties to create their own lubricants and lubricant additives.

Oil-Less and Water-Lubrication

A newer development in nanodiamond lubrication is that of oil-less lubrication and water-based lubrication.  Studies have shown that the application of a nanodiamond dispersion to a surface will improve its tribological properties, whether the water is retained, or whether it is dried to leave a fine coating of diamond nanoparticles.

Suitable Carbodeon products for these applications are:

 uDiamond® Hydrogen D(2nd Gen)  (Aqueous, for oil-less or water lubrication)

uDiamond® Vox D (2nd Gen)  (Aqueous & solvents, for oil-less or water lubrication)

uDiamond® Blend Nuevo  (Nanodiamond - Graphite Mixture)

uDiamond® Molto  (Nanodiamond powder)

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