uDiamond® nano particles with surface chemistry can be dispersed or suspended in plating solutions.  The particles are functionalised and so carry a surface charge, enabling them to co-depositing along with the metal ions to bring multiple benefits.   Abrasive wear resistance is increased by as much as 200%, together with improvements in corrosion resistance and reduced friction.  In use in Hard chrome, nickel, electroless nickel and gold plating systems with the potential for use in many other metal finishing processes.  Tri-Valent Chrome and anodising processes are currently in development.  We supply uDiamond dispersions and suspensions to take your metal finishing to the next level.

Carbodeon also has an in-house plating lab for development of new processes.

Hard Chrome Plating

For these applications, which include hard chrome ( Hexavalent Chromium, Chomium VI), Carbodeon supplies uDiamond® Vivace material.  This consists of clusters of nanodiamond particles as loose agglomerates whose surface chemistry makes them zeta positive in the plating solutions, driving them to co-deposit together with the metal ions.  In order to keep the diamonds in suspension, some form of agitation either by circulating the solution or air bubbling is used.

The nanodiamond deposits in the plated layer are approximately 100nm in size and evenly distributed.  Improvements in wear resistance can be up to 100%, friction reduction as much as 30%, and corrosion resistance can also be improved because there are fewer micro cracks extending through the plated layer.

Nanodiamond concentration in the electrolyte is usually maintained at 10g/litre and deposition rate in the plated layer can be up to 1wt%.

Typical applications are in high performance components, such as engine and machine parts.

Electrolytic Nickel, Electroless Nickel, Gold and many more!

In many systems, uDiamond® single digit nanodiamond dispersions can be used.  These materials consists of fully dispersed 4-6nm nanodiamonds with strongly positve zeta potential in solution.  The NanoDiamond particles will remain dispersed throughout the plating process.

In this case, the nanodiamond deposits in the plated layer are at <10nm scale.  The many available applications are still being developed, but these materials is already delivering 100% wear resistance improvement in industrial gold plating for electronics applications, and develops a 200% improvement in wear resistance in electroless nickel.

Because the deposition is in nanoscale, the required concentration in the electrolyte can be as low as 0.1g/litre or even lower, whilst the deposition rate of diamond in the plated layer is typically 0.2wt% .

Main applications are for engineering components and electronics, using electrolytic nickel, electroless nickel, trivalent chromium and gold.

In 2016, Carbodeon has launched a specific nanodiamond plating material for electroless nickel.


Addition of nanodiamond to hard and soft anodising processes has demonstrated significant improvements in wear resistance and friction reduction.

Suitable Materials for plating and anodising processes: 

uDiamond® Vivace  (Suspension grade, for hard chrome)

uDiamond® Plating Additive For Electroless Nickel  (Specially developed & patented application specific material)

uDiamond® SDND Plating Additive  (Dispersion grade, for pH >3)

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