uDiamond® dispersions can be added to your coating materials whether you are a coating material supplier, manufacturer or applicator.  Used worldwide in water or solvent based paints, resins, fluoropolymers and other specialised coatings, improvements in durability of up to 300% are found together with tuneable friction reduction of up to 66% 

Main application areas include:

  • Fluoro-polymer coatings - PTFE, FEP, PFA
  • Wear resistant, low friction coatings for lubricated or unlubricated machinery/ engine parts
  • Automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, industrial, marine etc.
  • Acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane coatings
  • Durable coatings for industrial and consumer products
  • Coatings for medical, industrial, food processing and other industries
  • Wear resistant coatings with retained transparency and other optical properties
  • Coatings with tuned refractive index

In most cases, the nanodiamond is added to the formulation as a liquid dispersion of fully de-agglomerated nanoparticles.  Efficient mixing is required, and attention must be paid to avoiding causes of agglomeration of the nanoparticles, by consideration of the interaction between nanodiamond surface chemistry and the coating components.  In aqueous coatings, the pH should be matched with the pH stability of the relevant nanodiamond material.

In some cases, where there is no common solvent available, additions of nanodiamond powder may be made.  In such cases, there are a number of methods that Carbodeon can advise on for effectively dispersing the nanodiamonds.

Suitable Carbodeon materials include: 

uDiamond® Amine D (2nd Gen)  (Amine functionalised, strongly zeta positive, solvent borne dispersions)

uDiamond® Vox D (2nd Gen)  (Carboxyl functionalised, strongly zeta negative, aqueous & solvents)

uDiamond® Hydrogen D (2nd Gen)  (Hydrogen functionalised, strongly zeta positive, aqueous & solvents)

New material launched April 2015: uDiamond® Amine P

Development Materials

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