Advanced Abrasives appointed as USA distributor for uDiamond® NanoDiamond Plating Additives

Vantaa, Finland, March 7th, 2016

Carbodeon Ltd Oy and Advanced Abrasives Corp of PennSauken NJ have signed a distribution agreement under which Advanced Abrasives will be our formal distributor of uDiamond® NanoDiamond Plating Additives in the USA.

Advanced Abrasives is a manufacturer of a range of superabrasive materials including wet and dry diamond powders, slurries and compounds for various applications with a strong emphasis on customer application and quality.  They have been supplying Carbodeon® NanoDiamond materials into a selected pool of electroless nickel and hard chrome applications since 2013 enabling their customers to improve performance, solve problems and develop new products.

“Advanced Abrasives have been successful in developing initial applications for Carbodeon's uDiamond® NanoDiamond already. Their feedback has played an important part in the development of specific NanoDiamond materials which are optimised for use in metal finishing applications.”, states Carbodeon Interim CEO Vesa Myllymäki.

In 2016, Carbodeon are launching a range of NanoDiamond plating additives, starting with uDiamond® NanoDiamond Plating Additive For Electroless Nickel. This will be followed up by NanoDiamond Additives for other plating and metal finishing processes throughout the year.  All products are developed, manufactured and tested in Carbodeon's own facility and validated with early adopting customers before being formally launched to the market .

Mr. Hodge Jones of Advanced Abrasives comments: ”We see a bright future for uDiamond® NanoDiamond Plating Additives in the USA, based on our experience since 2013 and our understanding of the market for specialized metal finishing processes. We are excited to have secured this distribution agreement with Carbodeon.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Vesa Myllymäki, CEO Carbodeon Ltd Oy, +358 50 567 8828


Mr. Hodge Jones, Advanced Abrasives Corporation, +1 856 665 9300




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