Carbodeon announces new NanoDiamond Powders and Dispersion with Hydrogen Functionalisation

June, 24, 2014

After extensive development, Carbodeon has announced the launch of a new range of NanoDiamond powders and dispersions with hydrogen functionalised chemistry:  uDiamond® "Hydrogen"

It has been shown in numerous applications that use of our nanodiamond additives in their mono-functionalized form shows improved end product mechanical and other properties, significantly reduced nano-additive consumption and thus, cost.

In order to offer solutions into applications not served before, uDiamond® product line is now expanded with a new, highly zeta positive nanodiamond product line with hydrogen terminated nanodiamond powder and five various dispersion grades.

 These patented products are well suited for multiple applications:

A precision abrasive for fine-end polishing

Additive to improve wear, friction and thermal properties in polymers

CVD Seeding

Coolants and Lubricants

uDiamond® Hydrogen product line is comprised of uDiamond® Hydrogen P powder grade and five uDiamond® Hydrogen D dispersion grades in ethylene glycol (4 wt.%), GBL (3 wt.%), NMP (3 wt.%), NEP (2 wt.%) and water (2 wt.%). 

“Perhaps one of the most fascinating fields we can serve today is those polymer compounds and coatings where there is a need for improved mechanical and thermal properties”, states Dr. Vesa Myllymäki, CTO and Co-Founder of Carbodeon Ltd Oy. 

“We provide a ready mono-dispersed nanodiamond product comprising 4-6 nm particles, with a highly positively charged surface which interacts directly with the customers’ resins. This represents a difference both in material performance and nanomaterial usability”, he continues. 

The development work has been financially supported by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. For further information, please contact: or any of our regional agents  - see the Contact page of this website.

uDiamond® is the brand name of nanodiamond materials produced by Carbodeon Ltd Oy.

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