New patent granted on monofunctionalised nanodiamond powders and dispersions.

30/11/2016- Carbodeon have been granted patent number FI 126428, on our Hydrogen functionalised NanoDiamond materials, covering powder and liquid dispersed variants of this strongly zeta positive nanodiamond material.  This material can be dispersed into many different parent materials including polymers and coatings in order to give them diamond like properties such as wear resistance, hardness, thermal conductivity, chemical resistance etc.   This material joins Carbodeon’s portfolio of patented “monofunctionalised” nanodiamond materials alongside our earlier amine and carboxylated materials.

A comprehensive portfolio of nanodiamond materials with different chemistries and powder or dispersion options means we can now provide nanodiamond material suitable for dispersion into a very wide range of media, with very effective anti-agglomeration properties and optimised nanodiamond – parent material interface.  These factors create a very strong change in the material properties of the resulting composite, from a very small addition of diamond material.  Through this, material combinations previously only seen in specialised industries are now spreading into industries such as industrial, oil & gas, automotive and consumer electronics.

Carbodeon’s focus is on industrial application of nanodiamond materials in metal finishing, polymer/fluoropolymer coating and polymer thermal conductivity applications.  The hydrogen functionalised nanodiamond dispersion also has a role in seeding of CVD diamond growth where it is superior to traditional materials usually referred to as “Osawa water”.

Carbodeon developed these materials with support from the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes) for financing, as well as investment from Enso Ventures and Straightforward Capital.  Carbodeon has a strong emphasis on patenting, primarily to assure freedom to operate (FTO) for our customers.  Moreover, we are also active in securing approvals from all relevant materials regulatory bodies.


Dr Vesa Myllymaki, CEO


Gavin Farmer, Business Development


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