Carbodeon Granted European Patent on Thermoplastic Polymer Compounds containing NanoDiamonds

Carbodeon are proud to announce that it has now been granted a patent for one of our inventions relating to the use of nanodiamonds in thermoplastic compounds.  The title is “Nanodiamonds containing thermoplastic thermal composites” and the patent number is 2900747.

Essentially this covers formulations consisting of thermoplastic polymer filled with a combination of nanodiamond and other thermal fillers.  In subsequent work, Carbodeon has demonstrated improvements in thermal conductivity of over 100% can be achieved using relatively small amounts of nanodiamond in the formulation, as compared to current state of the art thermally filled polymers. 

These polymer formulations can be used in many industries, predominantly to assist in thermal management of electronics, LED and high power microprocessor devices.  Currently Carbodeon’s business model is based on supplying the nanodiamond materials into customers with their own polymer compounding capabilities, or to their suppliers who have such capabilities.

Nanodiamond is found to be a valuable contributor to the improvement of multiple thermal, mechanical and chemical improvements to a wide range of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers and Carbodeon will continue to bring innovations to the market.

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