Carbodeon has been an industrial scale producer of Graphitic carbon nitride since 2008.  Our competitors are only now reporting invention of it!  

Nicanite® is a high purity, graphitic carbon nitride which offers new and rapidly emerging applications technology.

For example, as thin films, Nicanite® produces hard, wear-resistant coatings which can be made optically transparent.

Originally developed as a PVD target material for thin film deposition of Carbon Nitride by ultra short pulsed laser deposition, today Nicanite® Has multiple applications including:

  • Electronics displays – transparent, tough, wear-resistant coatings
  • LED, OLED, capacitors – transparent passive layer, dielectric material, diffusion barrier layer
  • Tribology – thermal conductivity, corrosion/wear resistance
  • PEM fuel cell catalyst – better cost solutions
  • LED – phosphor material without rare earths
  • Hydrogen production – metal-free, polymeric photocatalyst
  • Electrochemical actuator:  Click here to view an interesting publication from China

Carbodeon supply Nicanite® as a powder, or as sintered PVD targets.  On request, it can also be supplied as an aqueous slurry.


Grade A, as received from the synthesis (unground)

  • Chemical Formula C3N4+xHy
  • Chemical purity ≥ 99.5 wt.%PEM fuel cell catalyst – better cost solutions
  • Color: yellow - brown
  • Density 2.336 g/cm3
  • Particle size, d50 > 30 microns
  • Specific surface area > 35 m2/gL
  • Thermal conductivity* 1.25 W/mK
  • Temperature stability: In inert atmosphere, 650°C
  • Moisture content ≤ 4 wt.%

*measured from a sintered compact with approximately 80% theoretical density

The partice sizes (d50) of 1.5 microns and 390 nm are typically available through ball milling and pearl milling, respectively. In addition to being dielectric, chemically inert and thermally conductive, carbon nitrides are generally non-toxic and biocompatible. Graphitic carbon nitride is also available as PVD targets, facilitating production of functional carbon nitride thin films in amorphous and crystalline form. So far, especially successful results have been received through pulsed laser deposition. Carbon nitride targets are available upon request to Carbodeon.

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