On 1st October 2015, our patent firm, Berggren, established a subsidiary in the USA , and their first task was to file one of our latest patents.  Like any high tech company, we pay close attention to the strength of our IP portfolio and are pleased to see the expansion of our chosen patent firm.

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Berggren's press release, talking about their local expert Susanne Somersalo, said:

Carbodeon is our client that operates largely in the US market and develops nanodiamonds and applications relating to them. In practice, these chemical applications are used to enhance the wear resistance or thermal conductivity of plastic,” Matias Björkman says, who is the patent attorney responsible for the client at Berggren in Finland.

“Somersalo has taken care of the US applications of Carbodeon for several years, as our local partner in the US. She also efficiently took care of the first PCT national entry by Berggren Inc. before the US patent authorities”.

Carbodeon has carefully managed its patent portfolio in the US market for a long time, and built up a strong position in relation to its competitors.  

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