High powered electronics devices and LED lighting present challenges in thermal management.  In particular, there is an increasing demand for thermally conductive polymers which retain electrically isolating properties.

There are a few filler materials which possess the properties to address this - boron nitride and alumina being two examples.  Diamond is another, with an extremely high thermal conductivity of >2000 W/mK, whilst being electrically dielectric.

Small additions of uDiamond® are made in conjunction with boron nitride or alumina.  The nanoscale diamond with surface functional chemistry unlocks the potential of the compound for gains in thermal conductivity of 100% or more without compromising electrical or mechanical properties.  Typical diamond concentration 1%, additions as low as 0.03% in cost sensitive applications.

The performance improvement is driven by the high thermal conductivity of the diamond material at >2000W/mK, the small particle size and the active surface chemistry, resulting in seamless thermal conductivity between polymer, diamond material and other fillers.

Carbodeon is working extensively in thermoplastic compounds used for heat spreaders and secondary heat sinks, as well as thermal interface materials based on silicones and epoxides.

This is a fast moving area, please see the applications section or contact us with your requirements.

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