uDiamond® Coating Additive for Fluoropolymer Coatings

Application Designed Solvent Borne Nanodiamond Additive for Enhanced Wear Resistance.

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Increases the wear resistance of fluoropolymer coatings but up to 100% without compromising the low friction properties.  A new patented material and application.

Carbodeon uDiamond® Coating Additive specific characteristics of the solid material in dispersion:

  • Nanodiamond crystal size 4-6 nm
  • Nanodiamond content ≥ 97 wt.%
  • Oxidisable carbon content ≤ 2.5 wt.%
  • Metallic incombustible impurity content ≤ 1.2 wt.%

Carbodeon uDiamond® Coating Additive specific characteristics in the dispersion

  • Media:  GBL
  • Concentration of nanodiamonds in dispersion 0.5 wt. %
  • Zeta potential: highly positive

Main application areas include

  • Solvent based fluoropolymer coatings with enhanced wear resistance in multiple industries:
  • Machine & Industrial parts
  • Automotive, aerospace
  • Industrial and consumer bakeware and cookware
  • Sports. Including motorsport (of course)
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