For applications where liquid suspensions or dispersions can't be used, uDiamond® Materials are applied as powders. Surface chemistry options include carboxylated, hydrogenated, aminated and other functions.  Carbodeon can advise on the best material for your application - thermoplastics, silicones, epoxides etc.  See our applications section for examples of NanoDiamond uses.


Click below to explore the range of uDiamond® functionalised powders. 

uDiamond® Molto

uDiamond® Amine P (NEW!!!)  (Amine monofunctionalised)

uDiamond® Vox P  (Carboxyl monofunctionalised)

uDiamond® Hydrogen P (Hydrogen monofunctionalised)

uDiamond® Blend Nuevo  (Nanodiamond-Graphite blend)

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