uDiamond® Amine P - NEW!!!


A new, highly zeta positive amine-terminated nanodiamond powder uDiamond® Amine P. Compared to our previous offering (uDiamond® Molto Amine), this patent protected powder grade exhibits over three time higher degree of amine-termination and is essentially free of carboxylic acid functions.


Surface homogeneity and high charge ease its dispersion into parent polymer matrix but facilitate also interfacial bonding between spherical nanodiamond particles and applied polymer. Said interfacial action can be reached either through electrostatic interaction or direct covalent bonding.


This patented product is well suited as an additive in a range of polymer compounds and coatings addressing end product wear, friction and thermal properties but also a wide range of other applications. The sought improvements are often times available with 0.1 wt.% or lower loadings, making their use easy and cost efficient at the same.


“We’ve already tested this material within numerous applications, and could state “less is more”, said Dr. Vesa Myllymäki, CTO and Co-Founder of Carbodeon Ltd Oy.


The patented uDiamond® Amine product line will be extended into its dispersion grades, also referred to as SDND’s in the near future. The ready dispersions will further ease their use especially within polymer coating applications. 

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