uDiamond® is Carbodeon’s portfolio of NanoDiamond materials



uDiamond® Plating Additives for Electroless Nickel, Electrolytic Nickel, Chrome, Gold etc.

uDiamond® Coating Additive For Solvent Based Fluoropolymer Coatings

uDiamond® Liquid Dispersions

uDiamond® Functionalised Diamond Powders

NanoDiamonds are detonation synthesised diamond particles with a size range of 4-6nm. Uniquely, the detonation process creates diamond particles with chemically functionalised surfaces, enabling the particles to be bound into the parent material to empower a host of exciting properties in various nanocomposites.

The portfolio is two dimensional: there are options in morphology and surface chemistry.

uDiamond® materials are available as liquids or powders. Within the liquids, we offer dispersion grades, which consist of genuine nanoscale dispersions of individual nanodiamond particles, dispersed in water or solvent, and suspension grades consisting of small agglomerates in 100nm up to micron scale in water. Within powders, the materials may be high purity diamond or a diamond/ graphite mixture according to the application.

Carbodeon’s uDiamond® portfolio is always ahead of its competition in terms of surface chemistry. Currently the production grades include modified highly zeta positive or negative grades (1st generation), and monofunctionalised grades (2nd generation) including fully carboxylated and fully hydrogenated materials. Carbodeon also has a number of additional functionalities available for strategic partners in key applications.

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