Optimised particle surface chemistry creates a permanently stable dispersion of 4-6nm particles with no surfactants used.  Compared to most so-called nanomaterials, where the nanoparticles readily form agglomerates, the use of a uDiamond® liquid dispersion will harness the true value of high surface area nanomaterial – modifying parent material properties by 100% or more from tiny additions of uDiamond®.  This is real nanotechnology. 

Liquid dispersion is made possible by Carbodeon’s unique ability to tune the nanodiamond surface chemistry. Traditional nanodiamond materials have a varied mixture of different surface functions and as such they have no strong, predictable behaviour, exhibit low zeta potentials in water or polar solvents, and tend to agglomerate.

Carbodeon’s highly functionalised or monofunctionalised nanodiamonds have tuned surface chemistry which contains selected functional groups only. As a result, the particles exert a high zeta potential of >40mV. Thus, the particles can be de-agglomerated to create a dispersion of nanoparticles, self stabilised against agglomeration by interparticle electrostatic repulsion effects. We never add any surfactants to our dispersion materials.

Using a genuinely nanoscale dispersion in your application may bring several advantages: the surface area to volume ratio of the diamond material becomes 1-2 orders of magnitude higher, resulting in increased material properties in nanocomposites with very low diamond additions, there will typically be little or no visual affects to the nanocomposites, and no other properties will be compromised.

Typical examples of liquid dispersion applications include durability improvements to polymer and fluoropolymer coatings and composite materials of 100% or more, reduction in surface coefficients of friction of as much as 66%, creation of optically transparent, wear resistance materials, improvements in metal plating durability of up to 200% etc.

uDiamond® liquid dispersions are available in aqueous or solvent media and with a choice of surface chemistry depending on the required application.

Click below to explore the range of uDiamond® liquid dispersions in water and solvents. 

uDiamond® Amine D (2nd Gen)  (Amine functionalised, strongly zeta positive, solvent borne)

uDiamond® Vox D (2nd Gen)  (Carboxyl functionalised, strongly zeta negative, aqueous & solvents)

uDiamond® Hydrogen D (2nd Gen)  (Hydrogen functionalised, strongly zeta positive, aqueous & solvents)


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