uDiamond® liquid suspensions are an aqueous suspension of NanoDiamond clusters.  Whilst the primary particle size is 4-6nm, the clusters are in the form of small agglomerates of size 100nm up to a few microns.

For strong acid systems - used in hard chrome plating etc, uDiamond® Vivace has a positive zeta potential enabling it to co-deposit in the plating and alter the microstructure to produce a superbly durable, low friction surface.  Vivace can also be applied in anodising.

uDiamond® Allegro is an equivalent zeta negative nanodiamond suspension.

For liquid applications in pH range 3-12, see our uDiamond® Liquid dispersions.


Click below to explore the range of uDiamond® aqueous suspensions 

uDiamond® Vivace (Zeta positive)

uDiamond® Allegro  (Zeta negative)

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