uDiamond® Allegro


Carbodeon uDiamond® Allegro is a high‐quality, aqueous nanodiamond suspension, containing nanodiamonds in clusters of 100nm up to  a few microns.

The surface functionalisation gives the particles a negative zeta potential.

It is used as a means to deploy nanodiamonds in aqueous applications, especially where the pH range is outside the stable region of Carbodeon's nanodiamond dispersions (the fully dispersed nanomaterials such as Andante, Hydrogen D and Vox).

Carbodeon uDiamond® Allegro specific characteristics of the solid material:

  • Nanodiamond crystal size 4 - 6 nm
  • Nanodiamond content ≥ 97 wt.%
  • Oxidisable carbon content ≤ 2.5 wt.%
  • Metallic incombustible impurity content ≤ 1.2 wt.%
  • Specific surface area ~ 330 m2/g
  • Crystal lattice constant 0.3573 ± 0.0005

Carbodeon uDiamond® Allegro specific characteristics in the suspension:

  • pH of suspension 4 – 8
  • Concentration of nanodiamonds in dispersion 5 wt. %
  • Zeta potential: negative

Main application areas include:

  • Polishing fluids and pastes
  • CVD seeding
  • Polymer-diamond composites
  • Medical and biological applications
  • Thermal management solutions
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