uDiamond® SDND Plating Additive


Monodispersed NanoDiamond additive for Electrolytic Plating.

Increases the abrasion resistance of plated layers up to 200% by co-depostion of nanodiamond particles, without compromise to other coating parameters.

Carbodeon uDiamond® plating additive specific characteristics of the solid material in dispersion

  • Nanodiamond crystal size 2 ± 0.5 nm
  • Nanodiamond content ≥ 97 wt.%
  • Oxidisable carbon content ≤ 2.5 wt.%
  • Metallic incombustible impurity content ≤ 1.2 wt.%
  • Crystal lattice constant 3573 ± 0.0005 nm

Carbodeon uDiamond® plating additive specific characteristics in the dispersion

  • pH of dispersion 4-8
  • Concentration of nanodiamonds in dispersion 2 wt. %
  • Zeta potential positive

Main application areas include

  • Food & pharmaceutical processing (reduced abrasion reduces material migration by 2/3).
  • Machine & Industrial parts
  • Electronics, micro-electronics
  • Automotive, aerospace

 Applicable Plating Systems

  • Electrolytic nickel
  • Other plating systems including gold, silver, CrIII etc. in pH range 2-6- contact Carbodeon for applications
  • Electroless nickel legacy applications (for new applications, see uDiamond® Plating Additive for Electroless Nickel)


  • Plating systems in pH 4-6: nanodiamond concentration 0.05g/litre (ultrasonically dispersed) or 0.1g/litre after pre-dilution with distilled water.
  • Plating systems in pH <4: Increased nanodiamond concentration up to 1.0g/litre, ultrasonic dispersion may be required during material addition.
  • Increase in wear resistance: up to 200%
  • Improvement in tribological properties (oleophilic diamond surface).


  • Is this a hard chrome replacement? uDiamond®Plating Additive brings a substantial improvement to the performance of nickel plating and in certain applications has been used to enable hard chrome plating to be substituted with a nickel based alternative, however it is not designed to be a universal replacement for hard chrome.
  • Can I use this in Cr3 plating? Carbodeon is currently developing a new nanodiamond product optimised for use in Cr3 plating systems, please contact us.
  • Can I use this in any other plating systems? Carbodeon is constantly extending its application coverage, please contact us with your inquiry.


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