uDiamond® Vivace Hard Chrome Plating Additive


Carbodeon uDiamond® Vivace is a high‐quality, aqueous nanodiamond suspension, containing nanodiamonds in clusters of 100nm up to  a few microns.  It is used as a means to deploy nanodiamonds in hard chrome and other plating systems where the pH range is outside the stable region of Carbodeon's nanodiamond dispersions

The surface functionalisation gives the particles a postiive zeta potential, enabling co-deposition of nanodiamond into plated layers without need for current reversal.

Wear resistance is increased by >100%, corrosion resistance is also increased and friction properties of the surface are reduced.


Carbodeon uDiamond® Vivace specific characteristics of the solid material:

Carbodeon uDiamond® Vivace specific characteristics in the suspension:

Main application areas include:

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